Alterations and Projects

Mending a stuffed toy, sewing on a patch you provide, mending a rip or tear in clothing,  adding one belt loop, or simple hem work is all just $5 and is usually ready within three business days! 

For pants, just let me know what your desired inseam is, or how many inches you want taken off. You can even just leave a piece of tape where you want the bottom of your new pant leg to fall.

 If dropping off patches to be sewn on be sure to tell me where you want them placed or just pin or tape on.

If you have more complex alteration needs just email me and we can discuss more:

-My shipping address to get your items to me or to drop off is: 357 whiterock dr, abilene, tx 79602 (you may leave in the bench by my front door if dropping off....and ill email u when its ready to be picked back up, out of the bench!)

If you want to pay cash, there's a locked mailbox in the drop off bench for that payment as well! NO checks.)

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