Vinyl Tees...$19

Vinyl Tees and Decals
Color choices for vinyl is red, burgandy, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy, brown, black, white, purple, pink, gray, gold, and glitter silver and glitter gold.
Each tee comes with a large vinyl included in the price, if you want extras like elbow patches etc, just add that on below.
If you want to put one on your own tee just click on the "vinyl extras" below and add the large or small vinyl to your cart....if you arent local we can mail the smalls to you without you adding our $5 shipping charge and you can just iron on yourself. (locals can pick up)
*Apply to your item exactly where you want. While the clear top coat is still on, iron to your item with the medium heat allowed for that item and lots of pressure. Peel off the clear top coat when done.
*hand wash cold, inside/out, line dry (smalls r  4" squares or less, large is up to 9" square)
vinyl tees
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