Heat Transfer Vinyl Decals...$5+

Heat Transfer Decals
Color choices for vinyl is red, burgundy, orange, yellow, green, blue, teal, navy, brown, black, white, purple, pink, gray, gold, and glitter silver and glitter gold.
*Apply to your item exactly where you want. While the clear top coat is still on, iron to your item with the medium heat allowed for that item and lots of pressure. Peel off the clear top coat when done.
*hand wash cold, inside/out, line dry *If you do not want to apply these yourself you'll need to order your tees from us as well...just click "Tees" on the right sidebar.

vinyl decals
color and wording

christmas decal ideas

Fabric binders use heat transfer vinyl for decals


--My shipping address to get your items to me or to drop off is:
357 white rock dr, abilene, tx 79602
(you may leave in the drop off bucket/bench on the front porch...and ill email u when its ready to be picked back up, out of the pick up box!)

If you want to pay cash when dropping off, there's a locked mailbox in the drop off box on the porch for that payment as well!
(Please be sure to add 8.25 % sales tax when leaving cash and NO checks.)
**please leave exact amount or what you are willing to pay because I do not give change.  Thnx!

(If you choose to pay cash and not go thru the website please be sure to email me with everything in the text box below that i will need to fulfill your order...joysofthread@gmail.com)
All orders not paid for and picked up after a month get donated.