Sticky Decals...$5+

 These are great for sippy cups, yeti cups, helmets, notebooks, and car windows!

we also have turquoise and mint, coral, light and dark pink, and purple dots, pink dots, and turquiose dots)

vinyl options
color and wording

(we can ship smalls for free, large ships for our $5 flat rate, locals can pick up)


If you need a sheet of printed stickers you can cut out yourself its $10 (not decals precut)

$10 tumblers and mugs(no shipping available)

Yeti style cups come in stainless steel, turquoise, hot pink and black

Clean your surface very well with rubbing alcohol and let air dry....Just peel off the white backing, making sure the decal stays stuck to the clear tp cover. Place on ur item exactly where u want. Apply pressure to secure and then peel off the top tape very slowly as to not rip!

(monogramming based out of Abilene, TX)