T-Shirt Quilts...$40+

Prices are for sewing only, not for supplies.
Be sure to pay for supplies as well if you want us to pick them up for you!

$40 for a lap quilt/crib quilt(39 by 56"), youll need 6 tees and 2 yards of border fabric and one bag of batting
 $80 for twin size quilt (59 by 89") youll need 15 tees and 3 yards of fabric and one bag of twin batting
 $140 for a full/queen (70" by 98'") youll need 15 tees, 3 3/4 yards of fabric and one bag of full/queen batting
 $220 for king (88" by 110") youll need 30 tees and 5 yards of fabric and one bag of king batting

Fabric needs to be "quilt backing fabric" which is 110 inches wide and you can just ask for it at Hancock and they will point to the section in the back of the store next to the bags of batting you will need.......colors usually include white, off white, black, lime green, yellow, purple, etc.

Tshirt quilt sizes
* we do not ship these.