Throw Pillows....$5+


We have pre-made burlap covers ready to personalize!
Other options:
If you drop off the fabric its $5 for me to turn it into a pillow cover!
It's another $5-10 per cover to monogram them.
If you dont feel like going to the store and browsing for fabric and buying your own fabric
(you need exactly half a yard for 12-16" pillows...3/4 for 18" pillows)...
 I can buy it for a 16-18" cover  for you for $5...just leave your fabric choice in the text box, and perhaps give me a couple options.

I do offer the pillow forms that go inside the 16" pillows as well for $10.....or you can throw your covers over pillows you already have!

When you are ready to have me sew your fabric into covers just drop your fabric swatches off in the drop off box on my porch and ill stitch and return to the pick up box.  thanks!

fabric color and specifics




 extra $5 to monogram the pillow