Homemade Soaps and Cleaners...$5

For this super green earth loving mom these products are near and dear to my heart!
 Joys of Thread offers these quart jars of all natural laundry soap concentrate.
   1 tablespoon per load
  64 loads per jar
At $5 each, not only is it great for the planet and great for your family's skin but its a SUPER great deal. I've used it forever with my family and  if u bring back your empty jar your refill is just $4.
 Also great for housewarming gifts, or to be given along side our laundry bags as graduation gifts!
Works just like regular laundry soap....use a laundry booster for extra dirty loads or spot treatment for stains.  It can be used in cold, warm or hot laundry loads....also safe for high efficiency front loading washers!
We ALSO offer all natural carcinogen free dishwasher soap! Just use like you would use Cascade or any other dishwasher granules, pour in your dishwasher dispenser (usually one tablespoon as well) and start! ($4 for a refill as well)
*use all natural vinegar for your rinse aid

We ALSO have an all purpose cleaner.....its the best bathroom cleaner I have ever seen. It uses the natural disinfectant of vinegar to instantly remove lime scale and hard water stains. I spray it on dishes with tough stains before loading in the dishwasher, spray on a wet rag to clean counter tops, spray on shower doors to instantly remove hard water build up, use on pretty much anything you need cleaned or disinfected.

jar/spray bottle
laundry or dish soap or cleaner?

* we dont ship these.